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It nourishes the dream

Ideal platform for fulfilling the dream named WBCS. It nourishes the dream through their hard work & strengthens the will that I shall overcome.

Ankhi is from Bankura. Took admission in WBCS 2020 Integrated Course in Online Batch. Being a home maker and mother of a toddler, its extremely motivating for us to see her pursuing the dream of WBCS. She is competing with all other students never comes up with an excuse to skip any test. Great going Ankhi. We are proud of you.

I am enjoying the study

The process of teaching is just awesome. The study materials are to a T. The creation of 'healthy competition' through weekly and monthly tests is very useful. I do not know whether I would be successful or not but I am enjoying the study and I am damn sure that I am going to learn a lot of amazing things. I have not visited any other institution but I can say that CHESTA is more than enough.

Somnath is from Moyna, Purba Medinipur. Joined CHESTA for WBCS 2020 Integrated Course. The is in online batch and when he gets time, he attends PCP at Kolkata. Extremely sincere student. He normally comes in first 3 in almost all tests conducted by us. He already got some books as gift from CHESTA for securing rank in Monthly Tests.

Super friendly and Co-operative Mentor

One of the best Online Institution for WBCS. As a distant aspirant my experience with CHESTA it is extremely helpful by having classroom concepts, group of students in telegram where any problem can be discussed but most importantly sticking to academics only. Super friendly and co-operative mentor and they are very much professional and ready to help at anytime. In my perception the main strategy from any institution is all about to show the direction for achieving the goal and that is the one part CHESTA is fabulous for me. We feel proud and will feel proud for being part of CHESTA family.

Debnath is from Purulia but presently working for Indian Oil Corporation, posted in Assam. He joined our WBCS 2020 Integrated course as an Online Student. He was altogether a serious aspirant. Unfortunately he could not pursue the course for long due to work pressure. We feel lucky to have him in our family.

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