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About chesta

What CHESTA is all about 

Combined and Honest Effort to Support True Aspirants, abbreviated as CHESTA,
is an e-guidance initiative to support WBCS aspirants in realizing their goal.
CHESTA helps basically three types of aspirants: Category I: Those who cannot
afford the course fee of renowned Coaching Institutes; Category II: Those who do
not have time to attend coaching classes regularly; Category III: Those who do
not have a quality coaching near to their place and cannot afford to move to
Kolkata to attend classes in renowned coaching institutes.
These aspirants have enough potential to become WBCS Officers but as they are
deprived of quality coaching they suffer from inferiority complex which leads to
low self-confidence. Once the level of confidence is down, the battle is half lost.
CHESTA wants to boost the morale of these aspirants by sharing strategies,
necessary study materials, regular mock tests etc. CHESTA is a movement to
make WBCS dream affordable and accessible to Aspirants.

How CHESTA Started?

Well, it all began in the month of July 2017. The idea of CHESTA was
conceptualized and it was opened as a Facebook Group. There were some basic
filter in adding members. They must be Indian citizens, having interest in Civil
Services. These filters were needed to bar unwanted people in the Group. Later

on paid membership was started with a minimum subscription amount. For the
session 2017-18, more 200 aspirants have joined CHESTA as paid members.

How CHESTA Works?

To connect with CHESTA an aspirant must have a good smart phone with a
decent internet connection. CHESTA uses popular social media platforms like
Facebook Group, Facebook Page, YouTube, Google Classrooms. In the beginning
of each week, a routine is given. We tell aspirants what to read for the week, from
where to read and how much to read. At the end of the Week, Online Tests are
conducted for assessment. We generally follow 1 or 2 good books for a particular
subject. Those books which are out of print, scanned copies are provided. We
don’t believe in the concept of Study Materials, however when necessary we
provide learning material for a few topics. Current Affairs are also provided. We
have telegram group also for day to day discussions.

Is CHESTA all virtual?

Not really. Mentors and aspirants are link a big family here. We try to support one
another in every possible means. Moreover, to develop the felling of a closely knit
group, we regularly do meet ups, first of which was held on 3 rd October, 2017 at
Indian Museum, Kolkata. We are gearing up for the Second Meet-up on 4th
February 2018 at Kolkata Book Fair. Anyone can join us there.


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